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Can Change the World…

Can Change the World…

This 2014 Commencement Speech at University of Texas at Austin by the Architect of the Bin Laden Raid, Navy Seal Admiral William H. McRaven provides great ‘suggestions for a better world’.

10 Lessons of Life Shared

Little things in life matter – want to change the world? Start the day with a task completed, start by making your bed.

Get someone to help you paddle. Can’t row the bow alone, find friends.

Nothing matters but your will to succeed. It doesn’t matter your social status, Nothing matters but your will to succeed, not your color, not your education, not your ethnic background. Measure someone by the size of their heart. Respect everyone.

Get over being a ‘sugar cookie’. Life is not FAIR.

You will fail, likely often, it will be painful, it will be discouraging, at time it will test you to your core BUT it will build inner strength and resiliency. Don’t be afraid of failure.

Think outside the box, sometimes slide down the obstacles head first. Take some risks.

Deal with the sharks of the world, don’t back down. Face the bullies.

You must be your very best in the darkest moments.

The power of one person to inspire hope. Start singing when you up to your neck in mud. Lift up the down trodden.

Don’t every quit. Don’t ever ring the bell. And never ever give up.